Born in Australia in 1953, Julie lived in Sydney until 1984. While in Sydney, she spent most of her free time either drawing, painting or playing tennis.

At the end of her first year of art school, she won the prestigious Bazil and Muriel Hooper Scholarship with a self-portrait. This allowed her to continue her studies at the Julian Ashton Art School, Australia's oldest and one of the most respected art schools.

Julie has always been torn between her artistic and athletic interests. In 1976 she took up the game of squash and quickly became number one in her state.

In 1984 she met her American husband and relocated to San Francisco.Julie spent most of the next fourteen years teaching and playing squash. During that time she and her husband moved to the East Coast, where she won several National Squash Singles and Doubles Championships and has also developed one of the largest squash programs in the US.

Photography was never on her radar until the 1998 World Junior Men's Squash Championships took place in Princeton, NJ. At that event Julie pick up her first camera and snapped some of the action. She was instantly hooked.

Intrigued with photography from then on, Julie has spent every spare moment developing her skills.

Photography has taken her to many interesting destinations and allowed her to meet and interact with people throughout the United States and overseas.